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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 8.15.18

 Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 8.15.18

Alabama was one of the 15 states that filed an amicus brief objecting to the appeal filed by the pharmaceutical company Fresenius Kabi objecting to Nebraska’s use of its drug for state murder and asking for a temporary restraining order. A Nebraska federal district court turned down the request and the company appealed but was denied. Nationwide, we have seen an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies take legal action against states using their products in executions, which has made it increasingly difficult for states to obtain the drugs. Even if they can’t stop an execution as was the case in Nebraska we do appreciate those that take a stand.

 It was Nebraska’s first lethal injection execution, the first time the drug fentanyl was used and the first execution in Nebraska in over 20 years. The concoction included sedative diazepam, muscle relaxant cisatracurium, potassium chloride and fentanyl. 

Last week our neighbor to the north, TN, resumed executions after 9 years by putting a man to death who was psychiatrically impaired. Yes, some U.S. Supreme Court Justices disagreed, just not enough and if Kavanaugh is appointed hopes will likely dim even further that there will be an end to state murder any time soon. But then there are miracles!

We were definitely glad to see that the Florida execution planned for yesterday was stayed by an unanimous Florida Supreme Court ruling. The state's highest court plans to consider the constitutionality of Florida's method of execution -- lethal injection -- and how evidence was collected in the case.

A note of appreciation and thanks to our Advisory Board Member Judy Collins for her recommendation to the Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship that our organization might be a candidate for a plate donation. We keep our expenses low as there are no salaries, nevertheless we do of course have expenses.

 See you next week!