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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 11.14.18

 Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 11.14.18

We are sad to have to announce that the Alabama Supreme Court has set 2.7.19 as the execution date for Dominique Ray. When there was the brief window to choose an alternate method of execution Dominique Ray did not do so because it went against his religious beliefs to do so. There have been others who have held that this could be seen as a form of suicide. We will be sending out Talking Points.

Next week is Thanksgiving and we are sad that there is now a shadow over our traditional party for the Board. This year we have added a new feature. We decided that two members of our organization who are not on the Board but who have shown commitment during the year by writing articles for our newsletter Wings of Hope and attending all execution day vigils would be invited. The invitation from our Chairman went out early so we could make plans and we now look forward to welcoming our guests to our celebration.

And yes it will be a celebration of thanks! In particular we will be giving thanks for Pax Christi Alabama which not only this week signed on officially to our list of groups supporting a moratorium but is doing it in a very hands on manner. They are planning to make a series of videos with Esther answering questions about the death penalty which then can be shown at catholic churches to enlighten and garner support. We already have a confirmed date in December.

On Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Esther will attend the Reception and Gathering at Wallace Community College in Selma to honor Senator Hank Sanders for his amazing 35 years of service. She will proudly present a beautiful handmade card signed by our Board. This will also be an opportunity to congratulate Senator-elect Malika Sanders Fortier in person on her election.

Also on Saturday the men are looking forward to Kairos, an organization we cannot lift up enough for its ministry of feeding the soul as well as the body. Thank you Kairos members for your great ministry!

And finally we want to lift up the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery for choosing us as their “share the plate” organization in October. Thank you to all who gave and a very special thank you to the Rev. Lynn Hopkins who made it happen!

 See you next week!