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Weekly Report from oothe Board Meeting at Holman Prison 11.18. 20

                          Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 11.18.20

We received good news from Advisory Board Member Dr. Katie Owens-Murphy. The interview that she did with the Board has been accepted for publication in the journal “Critical Criminology.” We will let you know when it appears.

We take great pride in announcing that our late Chairman Darrell Grayson’s poem Ghosts Over the Boiler is being published in the journal POETRY. Not only is POETRY the oldest monthly poetry magazine in North America, founded in 1912 but over the years it has been responsible for the discovery or publication of English language poets whose names read like a list of who is who in poetry. We are so proud and grateful while at the same time mourning the loss of a dear friend and an innocent man. R.I.P. Darrell!

We quote from the Death Penalty Information Center: “The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit has overturned the death sentence imposed on Alabama death-row prisoner Matthew Reeves. The court denied relief to Reeves on his claim that he is ineligible for the death penalty because of intellectual disability. However, it granted him a new penalty hearing, holding that trial counsel was ineffective for failing to investigate and present mitigating evidence.” Also, “The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of #Alabama has overturned #WilliamMarshall's death sentence, holding that counsel's failure to present any mitigating evidence in the penalty phase of his trial was ineffective.”

Our work on the Christmas edition of Wings of Hope continues.  This time it will also feature a couple of articles from supporters.

And finally we were saddened to learn of the death of our friend Bill Pelke, founder of Journey of Hope. We will never forget the Alabama Journey of Hope in 2012. It was a great experience for many in this state! Thank you Bill for so much! R.I.P.

In closing and as always, we continue to thank all our generous donors who either gave by going to our website and using the “donate” button or who gave directly. Thank you also to all who took the time to read our notes, commented, liked and shared them on Facebook. You encourage us and make all the difference. Please stay safe!