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Ursula Malchau



Thank you Judge Sotomayor, for your powerful statement regarding the rushed execution of Mr. Billy Irick!(Tennessee). You pointed out what is so disturbing with the whole death penalty issue: America is descending to a deeper and deeper level of humanity.

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Advisory Board Member Ursula Malchau to Jason D. Hoff CEO of Mercedes Benz U.S. International


To Mr. Jason D. Hoff, CEO of Mercedes Benz U.S. International



Dear Mr. Hoff,


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An Example of What Can be Done from Abroad.



We just received the following from Ursula Malchau, one of our valued supporters in Germany. It is a great example what can be done from abroad! Thank you Ursula, for not “missing the opportunity to point out the problem! “


 For your information: When I heard  that Mobile's Mayor Sandy Stimpson is over here to meet with Airbus representatives I decided to write the following email to EADS, the parent company of Airbus:


 Dear Dr. Ohler,

 Unfortunately I have no other email-address than yours to turn to for the following purpose:

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