Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 12.14.22

Alabama’s botched executions and botched execution attempts continue to make news and of course that is good. We are hoping that the Alabama medical staff that assists at the executions will be exposed for violating its Hippocratic oath. As we learned from Dr. Joel Zivot’s article there are ways of getting around that in Alabama. “Doctor-placed central lines for the purposes of lethal injection torture the mind as well as the body. The doctor is transformed from healer to executioner. It is the ultimate betrayal of trust. The profession of medicine could more unanimously object and this would come to a halt, but this has not been the case. State medical licensing boards, professional medical societies, and hospital credentialing bodies need to act with conviction, punishing doctors who help states execute. Otherwise, doctors will participate, as they always have.” The article by Josh Gaunt of WBRC “So why can’t Alabama complete this process? Who’s on the execution team? What are their qualifications? Questions Hamm was asked about last month” and refused to answer besides saying that they were medically trained” brings us back once more to the question how the medical profession could be organized to act and stand up “to do no harm!”

We were pleased to see Alabama Arise Executive Director Robyn Hyden’s statement in response to Gov. Kay Ivey’s request for a pause on executions in Alabama published in the Opelika Observer as an Opinion Piece with the title of “Death Penalty Moratorium is a Chance to End Injustices in Alabama’s Capital Punishment System”. We have been an active member of Alabama Arise for many years and appreciate its staff and the members who vote for our issue year after year to keep it as one of its 7 issues.

Governor Ivey proposed new amendments to the death penalty to make sure no time is wasted in committing state murder. “The supreme court order fixing the execution date shall constitute the execution warrant. If the date designated in the execution warrant passes by reason of a stay of execution, or due to a delay in the execution process caused by a stay of execution, then a new date shall be designated promptly by the Commissioner of Corrections.” So the question is: how long can we torture people before we kill them?

The Christmas edition of Wings of Hope is on its way to you. We started early but then things happened that were out of our control. We hope that its tardiness will make it extra special for you.

For those of our friends who would like to send us Christmas cards you will find the list for 2022 by going to our website www.phadp.org and writing “Christmas card list” in the search engine. The names are in no particular order. Everyone matters and we thank you! And yes, we are receiving the actual cards and thank all who have already written.

Congratulations Oregon!!

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