Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.17.24

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.17.24

Governor Ivey set 5.30.24 as the execution date by lethal injection for Jamie Mills. Talking Points are at

https://www.phadp.org/category/execution-alerts/ and most importantly, please sign the petition:

https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stop-the-execution-of-jamie-mills-in-alabama/ Plans are already being made for a rally and petition delivery at noon on 5.28.24 at the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery. So please mark your calendar and sign the petition!

“ Attorneys for Mills had asked the Alabama Supreme Court to deny the execution date request while they pursue a pending claim of prosecutorial misconduct in the case. Mills’ attorneys wrote in a March petition to a Marion County judge that prosecutors concealed that they had a plea deal with Mills’ wife that spared her from a possible death sentence. She was the key prosecution witness against Mills at his trial. The attorney general’s office disputed that there was a pretrial agreement.”

H.B. 27 will be heard today at 1:30 p.m. but there will be no speakers. Hope to see you there!

It is our very sad duty to let you know that we lost Darryl Turner our brother and our Assistant Coordinator a week ago today. He had been in ICU for several days prior to his death. We lost a brother, a friend and someone who always lifted us up with his smile and positive attitude. We extend our most heartfelt condolences to his family and to all who loved him. We miss you, Darryl!

On April 12, the Death Penalty Policy Project submitted a statement to the United Nations on death-penalty developments in the United States since the U.N. General Assembly’s December 15, 2022 resolution calling for a global moratorium on the use of the death penalty.

Every 2 weeks there is a one hour zoom call Alabama faith meeting organized by Sam Heath, Manager of Evangelical Network Equal Justice USA. It’s invitation reads: “Join us in the work to end the death penalty and to build communities that center healing over punishment.” If you think you would like to participate you can reach Sam Heath at [email protected] .

We discussed the dilemma that Derrick Dearman asking to be executed must present for the state. Assisted suicide is not legal in Alabama.

We are in touch with Dr, Robert Johnson a professor of justice, law and criminology at American University, editor and publisher of BleakHouse Publishing, and an award-winning author of books and articles on crime and punishment, including works of social science, law, poetry, and fiction. We are working on articles requested by him and may get the opportunity to speak to one of his classes.

We very much appreciate working with TJ Riggs, the AL State Death Penalty Coordinator of Amnesty International USA.

We thank all who are working so hard and diligently to stop all killing in Alabama! And as always in closing, we thank all our generous donors who either gave by going to our website and using the “donate” button or who gave directly. Thank you also to all who took the time to read our notes, commented, liked and shared them on Facebook. Stay safe and be kind to each other!                                                                Esther

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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.17.24