Willie Reynolds, President Decatur/Morgan County NAACP

It is sad to live in a state where the court system and our Governor have no regard for human life(legalized murder). It is especially appalling when the Governor is a former physician. When deadlines are missed due to no fault of the prisoner, it makes you wonder whether individuals in the court system have a heart or not. It's like when God sent Moses to Pharoah to tell him "LET MY PEOPLE GO." God hardened Pharoah's heart. Ten plagues came upon the land of Egypt until Pharoah released God's people. I'm sure you know the end of the story. I do not wish harm upon anyone not even the oppressor. However, I do pray that God will remove their stony hearts and replace them with hearts of flesh.

May God keep and bless you

Willie Reynolds, President
Decatur/Morgan County NAACP

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