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Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty is an Alabama death row prisoner founded and run organization, established in 1989.

Our mission is to work together with friends and other supporters to educate the public and to bring about the abolition of the death penalty in Alabama.



Execution Alert

Alabama has set September 22nd 2011 as the execution date for Derrick O’Neal Mason.

Derrick O’Neal Mason           September 22

We were shocked to learn this morning that Derrick, who is a member of the phadp Executive Board, was given an execution date. I will be discussing Derrick's Talking Points with the Board at the meeting tomorrow and will then send them out, asking for your help.

Thank you for always letting your voices be heard!

Esther and the Board

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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 08.10.11


Discussed the potential effect the hearing by the U.S. Supreme Court of the Cory Maples case could have by highlighting Alabama's failure to provide counsel or any legal assistance for indigent death-sentenced inmates in postconviction proceedings. "As a result, those who are fortunate enough to have attorneys must rely on pro bono counsel, most of whom practice far from Alabama," states a brief filed on Cory Maples behalf. Oral arguments are set for October 4th.

We also sang Happy Birthday for 3 of the Board members.

See you next week! Esther

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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 8.3.11


Discussed the pictures and bios of the Board members received today. We have a Board and a Sub-Board and, without being the least bit biased, I can tell you they are a bunch of good looking, dedicated guys! We will have their pictures and bios up on our web site in the very near future. All are asking their friends and pen pals to join us on our facebook page. As always, the Board was brought up to date on death penalty developments around the nation. Next week we will have 3 birthdays to celebrate. See you then! Esther

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Equal Justice Initiative, (www.eji.org) Alabama Newspapers Call for Reform of Judge Override


Following the release of EJI's new report on judge override in Alabama [1], the state's major newspapers are calling for reform of the override law.

The Mobile Press-Register [2] yesterday described judge override in Alabama as "unfair to juries, defendants and judges alike," and called on the appellate courts or the Legislature to limit the practice. The paper noted that rulings seeking to limit override are not being enforced, leaving in place a system that robs juries of their decision-making role and unfairly pressures elected judges to be "tough on crime."

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The EJI report, The Death Penalty in Alabama: Judge Override


The EJI report, The Death Penalty in Alabama: Judge Override, is at:

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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 07.27.11


The EJI Report on jury override continues to be of great interest to all. The Board members reviewed and were delighted with the graphs from the 2005 poll. They are now posted on the library bulletin board for prisoners and prison staff to see. Also discussed were the indeterminate stays in Arkansas and Ohio linked to the lethal injection protocols. There is a month's stay for the same reason in FL.

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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 07.20.11


The Board is delighted to announce that Rev. Tom Duley and Claudia Whitman have joined our Advisory Board. Both are long time friends and both have been actively working for abolition for many years. We have consulted with them for many years and so thoug...ht it was about time to make it official. Also discussed was an email received from a 3rd year law student in Mass who is doing an independent study on Modern Trends in Capital Punishment with a focus on Alabama. She posed particular questions, which the Board, among other individuals will answer.

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BOB BLALOCK: Overriding unfairness in state's death penalty sentencing


BOB BLALOCK: Overriding Unfairness in state's death penalty sentencing

Bob Blalock discusses the case of Bobby Waldrop and the reason Judge Dale Segrest chose to override the jury's recommendation for Life Without Parole in his case.

The article includes commentary from EJI's Bryan Stevenson and comparison between Alabama's capital punishment system and those found in other states like Texas and Florida.

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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 07.13.11


It is our custom to invite recent arrivals to Holman's death row to a board meeting once they have come off single walk. It gives us the opportunity to share what we hope are some helpful insights about life on death row. The presence of today's guest was well timed as we discussed the broad national media attention to the EJI report on jury override. Courtney Lockhart is mentioned in many of the articles as his judge overrode the recommendation of 12 jurors. We wish him well.

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William "Corky" Snyder 7.12.11



We are very sad to announce that William "Corky" Snyder took his own life this morning on death row at Holman Prison. He had lived with severe back pain for many years.

We extend our sympathy to his family and many friends.

Corky was a valued member of our organization and a frequent contributor to our newsletter. We shall miss you, Corky, and thank you for being our friend for many years. Rest in peace! We will not forget you!

The Board of Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty

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