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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 11.7.18

 Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 11.7.18

On Monday the 11th U.S. district court heard arguments stemming from the attempted and botched execution of Doyle Lee Hamm. The issue was whether a lower court judge was wrong to rule that Alabama’s execution protocol should be unsealed at the request of news outlets. The plaintiffs are the Associated Press, the Montgomery Advertiser and the Alabama Media Group. For years Alabama has refused to release details of the execution process and where it obtains the drugs.

The Board has formulated the letters with which it will reach out to the  organizations whose research was the basis of the abolition of the death penalty in Washington state. Also discussed was research which found that racism pertaining in particular to the death penalty started well before the actual trial.

The Board also formulated a template to be used when asking Alabama churches and organizations to join the many which are in support of a moratorium and are listed on our website. In addition, the Board wrote a card thanking Senator Hank Sanders for the many bills he has filed over his 35 years in the Senate regarding the death penalty.

And yesterday was the election! Although as a non-profit organization we cannot officially support a party or candidates, as individuals we can and do, after all our very lives depend on people in power. When our executive director first came to this state 19 years ago a white female politician told her: “Alabama is first in everything bad and last in everything good.” Nothing happened yesterday to make her change her mind, however to end on a more positive note we thank all who ran and worked so hard because they believed that this state does not have to remain stuck in its hate filled racist past. You give us hope! 

 See you next week!